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Technology powered privacy compliance and
Risk management solutions for the GDPR and much more.


TrustArc provides a comprehensive suite of technology powered solutions to address GDPR compliance.


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TrustArc's privacy expertise runs deep, the result of two decades of leadership and innovation in an industry we helped create. It’s expertise you can count on.


TrustArc work with thousands of organisations across all industries and phases of privacy maturity defines privacy compliance and risk management best practices.


TrustArc's SaaS platform was purpose built to manage privacy and provides a comprehensive solution that has successfully operated at high scale for over five years.

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More than 1,000 clients worldwide rely on TrustArc to help demonstrate compliance, minimize risk and protect their brand.

TrustArc Data Privacy Management Platform

TrustArc Ads Compliance Manager

 A comprehensive technology solution that overcomes the challenges of addressing consumer privacy opt-outs across any platform, device, real-time bidding (RTB) technology, or cookie/non-cookie environment. Whether you are an advertiser/ad network running Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA) ads, or a publisher allowing data collection for OBA purposes on your website, Ads Compliance Manager is your one-stop solution.

Key Features

TrustArc Assessment Manager

Conducting compliance and risk assessments is an established best practice for privacy and data protection. Moreover, if you are subject to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), conducting PIAs (or DPIAs) is also a requirement. In order to manage the growing volume of privacy assessments and ongoing reporting requirements, you need a solution to automate and operationalize your processes.

Key Features

TrustArc Cookie Consent Manager

 Website cookies are often necessary for the proper functioning of a business website, for analytics or for functional delivery of first-party or third-party advertising. Any cookie that is capable of identifying an EU resident, or treating them as unique without explicitly identifying them, means that the website is processing GDPR “personal data”. The GDPR mandates that companies collecting personal data from EU residents do so in accordance with strict notice and consent requirements.

Key Features

TrustArc Data Flow Manager

For most businesses, managing the data flows for hundreds of websites, systems and vendors, along with dozens of data types is complex. Managing privacy and compliance risk is nearly impossible without powerful, proven technology, to operationalize mapping all your customer and employee data flows, plus analyzing them for risk and compliance.

Key Features

TrustArc Direct Marketing Consent Manager

 TrustArc Direct Marketing Consent Manager is designed to help organizations to comply with GDPR consent requirements for activities such as promoting products and services, surveys, newsletter subscriptions and other marketing activities directed at data subjects.

Key Features

TrustArc Privacy Dispute Resolution

The dispute resolution service helps efficiently manage privacy inquiries from consumers and addresses dispute handling compliance requirements. This service will also provide the following benefits: consumer confidence that you are committed to privacy; mitigate unintentional privacy violations that may accompany web page updates or new initiatives; receive a trusted advisor in determining the best way to turn unhappy customers into happy customers.

Key Features

TrustArc Individual Rights Manager

 Addressing these rights will require knowing what data has been collected, determining which individual rights are being exercised and whether exceptions apply, and having a solution in place to respond to requests. Individual Rights Manager addresses GDPR Articles 15-23 on “Individual Rights” for the following items: Right of access; Right to rectification or erasure; Right to restrict or object processing; Right to data portability. This 3-in-1 solution helps companies address data subject access rights and individual rights requests by providing proven technology, expert consultants, and specialized content.

Key Features

TrustArc Website Monitoring Manager

Using cookies and other tracking technologies enables you to provide an enhanced user experience on your website. But these technologies can also introduce privacy risks, leading to compliance problems along with challenges keeping track of dozens or hundreds of third parties who have access to your site. You need a technology tool to identify, analyze, and manage trackers on an ongoing basis across all of your web properties.

Key Features

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