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FREE WEBINARS | ManageEngine September 2019


Webinar 1: 12th Sep 5pm EET

Streamline incident management and response with SIEM 45 mins

ma sept webinar 12th cit



About This Webinar

It's safe to say that no organization is completely immune to threats. You need to constantly monitor events occurring on your network to detect incidents that indicate potential threats. You may already have a system in place for this, but what comes next once you actually detect an incident?
Well, you need to analyze all incidents, identify which ones are actual threats to your network, prioritize incidents based on threat level, and take action to mitigate those threats. More importantly, you need a solution with powerful security incident management and response capabilities to do this efficiently.
In our upcoming webinar, we'll go over the importance of proper security incident management and response and the benefits of using a SIEM solution to achieve these aims.



  • How to detect security incidents and threats.

  • The different stages of dealing with security incidents.

  • The role of incident management in your security strategy.

  • Automating incident response using workflows.

  • How SIEM solutions aid effective incident management.

Webinar 2: 17th Sep 1pm EET

Mitigating insider threats with User Behavior Analytics 45 mins

 web 17 sep2019 cit


Why This Webinar Would Be Useful To You:

How safe is your critical data in the hands of privileged users? How long would it take for you to identify a user who is secretly stealing sensitive files? Can you spot accidental data breach by your employees before it's too late?
Battle such insider threats and more and be one step ahead of traditional security solutions with user behavior analytics (UBA) technique.
Join our product expert in this webinar to know more about how user behavior analytics can ward off insider threats and security attacks.



  • Get better insights on how privilege abuse is carried out and how you can detect them as early as possible.

  • How to simplify threat detection and understand the challenges you will face during breach investigations.

  • Learn how employees accidentally disclose critical data and negligence of the employees' can open doors to an external threat, and how you can prevent them from happening.

Webinar 3: 18th Sep 1pm EET

Secure, on-the-go Active Directory password self-service 45 mins

web 18 sep2019 cit

Why attend

As help desk technicians, there is no scarcity for help desk tickets. However, admins can eliminate password-related help desk calls, which accounts for almost one-third of the ticket volume, by empowering end-users with mobile-based password management capabilities. With the ADSelfService Plus mobile app, users can reset their forgotten Windows Active Directory passwords and unlock locked-out domain accounts on-the-go. Further, their reset passwords will be automatically synchronized across other on-premises and cloud-based applications. Additionally, admins can easily deploy the ADSelfService Plus iOS app to users' mobile devices using the product's MDM functionality.


This webinar will cover solutions for tackling challenges with:

  • Deploy ADSelfService Plus mobile app.

  • Set up schedulers to automate profile and app installation.

  • Empower end-users with mobile password management capabilities.

  • Synchronize passwords across cloud-based and on premise application.

Webinar 4: 25th Sep 1pm EET

Prevent identity and privilege mishaps with an effective change management strategy 45 mins

web 25 sep2019 cit

About This Webinar

Managing Active Directory is an inherently complex responsibility; the number of changes in most systems, like users being onboarded, moved, promoted, or offboarded, often pose a major challenge for IT teams. Sometimes changes are unexpected and unwarranted, leaving IT admins scrambling. To ensure Active Dircetory objects are secure, it's essential to have total visibility into all changes happening to user accounts and manage them proactively.


Join this webinar and learn how to:

  • Protect Active Directory from unauthorized changes

  • Configure tight access control

  • Avoid privilege creep

  • Reverse accidental changes and deletions

  • Handle user modification requests without glitches

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