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Webinar 1: 5th June 3pm EET

Demystifying the Windows security log

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Why attend

In this webinar, we'll discuss the most critical security events that must be monitored. We'll also discuss how to set up a real-time alerting system, that can send email and SMS notifications, to track critical changes in Active Directory.



  • Understand Windows security logging

  • Set up auditing to ensure that critical actions are being recorded

  • Track all logon and logoff activity across your network

  • Report on administrative user's actions

  • Monitor privileged group membership changes

Webinar 2: 11th June 3pm EET

How to defend against an Office 365 account takeover

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Why attend

According to an Osterman research survey from 2018*, 44 percent of organizations report falling victim to an account takeover (ATO)-based email attack. ATO-based attacks are highly dangerous and are often successful since they're executed using a trusted user's email account.
ATO attacks are often initiated using phishing, brute force, or malware attacks. Office 365 admins can successfully mitigate the risk of an ATO attack in their Office 365 environment by hardening their Office 365 configuration.



  • What an ATO attack is

  • How an ATO attack is executed

  • How to mitigate the risk of an ATO attack

Webinar 3: 12th June 3pm EET

Securing file servers and mitigating ransomware.

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Why attend

Advanced cyberthreats and new data protection regulations have made data security more important than ever. As a security professional, one of your major concerns is ensuring that there's no unauthorized access or disclosure of personal data in your organization—this is big for things like the GDPR. Then, there's ransomware—every security professional's worst nightmare. If you're looking to achieve and maintain data confidentiality and integrity, you need to audit your file servers in real time. Auditing not only allows you to generate the reports you need for compliance audits, but it also helps you detect and shut down ransomware infections in real time.
Join us for our free webinar to learn about auditing and securing your file servers. You'll learn how to discover personal data, audit important activities such as file accesses and modifications, and set up alerts to detect and shut down attacks like ransomware in real-time. We'll also talk about DataSecurity Plus, our real-time data visibility and auditing solution.



  • Outlining a data security strategy

  • Discovering personal data stored in your environment

  • Monitoring accesses and modifications made to files/folders

  • Setting up alerts to detect ransomware infections in file servers

  • Doing it all with ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus

Webinar 4: 13th June 3pm EET

5 tell-tale signs you're heading for a compliance violation

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Why attend

Since Active Directory plays a vital role in managing users' identities and access rights, changes made in AD not only impact an organization's security, but it also affects the organization's compliance with IT regulations. Hence it's no surprise that IT compliance auditors are keen to review the activities carried out in AD.
Security information and event management (SIEM) holds the key to security incident detection and response; however, establishing effective security alerting is easier said than done. Organizations need to implement a daily log management process—which includes scheduling reports and triggering alerts—as well as leverage event correlation and machine learning to combat advanced cyberattacks.
Join our webinar to learn about the latest trends, use cases, and best practices in SIEM from Sid, our cybersecurity product specialist.



The top five signs of a potential compliance violation
  • No proper change management system

  • No role-based permission sets or group memberships

  • Privilege creep

  • Lack of periodic review

  • Stale accounts build up

Webinar 5: 27th June 12pm EET

Accelerating threat detection and response with UEBA

Why attend

To stay on top of the rapidly evolving threat landscape, organizations must add new technology to their security arsenals. While traditional SIEM functionality is still important, security teams must augment their incident detection capability with machine learning and analytics to tackle more advanced threats.
Given how advanced cyberattacks are today, manually creating more alerting rules in a SIEM solution alone simply isn't an effective way of detecting threats. Organizations need to include anomaly-based analytics to strengthen incident detection mechanisms.
This is why user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) is quickly becoming a must-have component for security operation centers. UEBA creates a baseline of user activities and dynamically monitors the network for anomalies by leveraging machine learning and statistical analysis. This way, UEBA technology can discover threats that basic rule-based alerting mechanisms fail to capture.
In this webinar, we'll explore how security teams can improve their threat detection and incident response plan with UEBA.
Join our webinar to learn about the latest trends, use cases, and best practices in SIEM from Sid, our cybersecurity product specialist.



The top five signs of a potential compliance violation
  • Introduction to UEBA and why you need it

  • Types of anomalies that you can detect using UEBA

  • Tracking insider threats by monitoring risk scores

  • UEBA use cases
  • Data exfiltration
  • Account compromise

  • Introduction to the Log360 UEBA add-on

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