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Webinar 1: 3rd July 12pm EET

Tips and tricks for achieving effective SIEM

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Why attend

An end user from the sales team was just added to the Domain Admins group in Active Directory. Someone installed a service on one of your critical servers, and a large volume of files was accessed and copied in your file server. Given that these situations could indicate a breach attempt, your security team needs to have strategies in place to detect these and other incidents.
If deployed and configured properly, a security information and event management (SIEM) solution can help you detect and respond to security threats, ensuring your organization is secure and compliant.
Join us for our tech talk with Vivin Sathyan, our senior technical evangelist, and Siddharth Sharath Kumar, our SIEM product specialist, who will share tips and tricks for achieving effective SIEM. Packed with use cases, this session will give you practical action items that you can implement to improve your security operations.


Topics of discussion:

  • SIEM best practices and use cases.

  • Auditing Active Directory changes in real time.

  • Tracking crucial security events in your network.

  • Detecting attacks with event correlation.

  • Utilizing user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) to identify, qualify, and investigate security threats.

  • Selecting the ideal SIEM solution for your organization.

Webinar 2: 9th July 12pm EET

Enhancing threat detection with user behaviour analytics (UBA)

UBA July 9 cit

Why attend

Even as the IT threat landscape continues to evolve at an alarming rate, Gartner predicts that the market for UBA will grow steeply in the years to come. This growth can be attributed to a UBA solution’s insider threat and compromised account detection features, which are found wanting in existing security solutions.


Topics of discussion:

  • Why UBA is needed.

  • Working principle of UBA.

  • UBA vs. rogue insiders exfiltrating data.

  • UBA vs. compromised account lateral movement.

  • UBA vs. malware attacks, and more.

Webinar 3: 20th July 3pm EET

The US Department of Homeland Security's Office 365 security best practices


Why attend

After multiple engagements with customers who have used third-party agencies for their migration to Office 365, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has issued the AR19-133A report. This report has been issued to help admins address the vulnerabilities and risks their organization faces after Office 365 transition, so they can protect their Office 365 service from attacks.
In this webinar, we'll discuss the configuration vulnerabilities identified by the CISA and best practices to defend against attacks.


Topics of discussion:

  • Examples of configuration vulnerabilities.

  • Best practices for Office 365 admins.

  • How O365 Manager Plus secures your Office 365 environment.

Webinar 4: 23rd July 3pm EET

Improve Active Directory security with advanced password policy controls and MFA

MFA July 23 cit

Why attend

Password theft is one of the main intrusion techniques hackers use. Most organizations rely heavily on passwords alone to secure their network resources, but users often create weak passwords and reuse them across critical business accounts to avoid password fatigue. This makes stealing passwords to get hold of network resources easy.
So, what can you do to improve security? Enforce custom password policies that require users to create strong passwords. Make stolen passwords ineffective by mandating additional layers of authentication to access applications, their workstations, etc.
Interested in learning more? Join our expert in the free webinar.


Topics of discussion:

  • Advanced password policy controls. Enforce stronger passwords for users by forcing special characters, blacklisting dictionary words and patterns (like @123) in their password. Also enforce the password history option during reset.

  • 2FA for Windows logons. Secure local and remote Windows logons with an additional layer of authentication.

  • MFA for self-password resets. Use MFA to ensure users reset their passwords and unlock their accounts securely.

Webinar 5: 24th July 12pm EET

SIEM for beginners

SIEM July 24 cit

Why attend

Security professionals are tasked with the hardest job there is. When things are running smoothly, they are taken for granted. But when things go wrong, that is when they enter the spotlight. A SIEM solution can go a long way in helping you achieve network security. By properly deploying a SIEM solution, not only can you mitigate security threats but also ensure that your enterprise meets stringent compliance mandates. Our IT security specialist, Sid, will help you get started with SIEM in this webinar and answer your questions in the live chat session.


Topics of discussion:

  • Latest trends and challenges in SIEM.

  • Important security events you need to watch out for in your network.

  • SIEM attack mitigation use cases.

  • How to select a SIEM solution: questions to ask your vendor.

  • Overview of Log360, ManageEngine's comprehensive SIEM solution.

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