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Webinar 1: 6th Aug 4pm EET

Uncomplicate Active Directory backup and recovery in under 30 mins

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Why attend

Active Directory (AD) backup and restoration is a critical part of any admin's job. Despite taking extreme caution to prevent mishaps, accidental deletions are inevitable. Should an unwanted or accidental change disrupt the workings of the domain or AD, it's up to the IT admins to rectify the issue. To do this they often rely on AD backup and recovery. In this webinar, we shed some light in under 30 minutes on how IT admins can simplify AD backup and recovery using the right tools.


Topics of discussion:

  • Implement incremental backups of AD objects.

  • Perform complete backups of all the objects present in your domain.

  • Restore only the required objects or individual attributes of particular objects.

  • Recover objects completely or granularly without having to restart your domain controllers (DCs).

  • Empower your help desk by delegating AD backup and recovery rights.

  • Compare different backup versions to view changes, and undo even the smallest of accidental changes.

  • Restore objects granularly from incremental backups that store different versions of each object.

Webinar 2: 22nd Aug 4pm EET

Find weak Active Directory passwords- Enforce a custom granular password policy



Why attend

EDo you know that “[email protected]” is easily susceptible to a cyberattack? Though it satisfies all the requirements of a basic password policy—the password contains a special character, a number, and an alphabet in the upper case—it is password that is so common that a dictionary attack can crack it in no time.

Passwords are our first layer of defense.

Learn how hackers can easily crack passwords which comply with Microsoft's default password policies. ADSelfService Plus can not only identify users with weak passwords but also how easy it is to create and enforce strong password policy for Active Directory and all connected enterprise applications.


Topics of discussion:

  • Identify users who have a weak password with the Weak Password Users Report FREE tool.

  • Create custom password policies that restrict dictionary words and predictable patterns.

  • Granularly enforce a password policy across several popular on-premises and cloud applications.

  • Enforce this custom password policy on the change and reset password pages, i.e., Ctrl+Alt+Del screen as well as ADUC console.

Webinar 3: 29th Aug 1pm EET

An expert's checklist to troubleshoot account lockout

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Why attend

According to a Gartner survey, 30% of help desk queries are related to account lockouts. Account lockouts not only lead to service downtime and loss of productivity but also could be the precursory sign of a breach. Admins need to analyze account lockouts in detail to ensure that the root cause of a breach is quickly detected and resolved. In this webinar, we'll discuss how to simplify account lockout analysis and detect a potential breach attempt.


Topics of discussion:

  • Diagnosing an account lockout from start to finish

  • Impact of account lockouts on service downtime and productivity

  • Real-world scenarios on how account lockouts lead to a breach

  • Configuring the ideal account lockout policy to avoid false positives

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